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Week beginning 19 July

Hello to all our Year 2s at home!

I am sorry to hear that you are at home - here is our class learning for today.


measuring in mililitres - perhaps you could try measuring different amounts at home in mililitres...

Also try these activities too.


Can you think about what noises a giant might make... can you write a description of a giant approaching.

Does the ground shake? Do windows rattle? Describe the giant approaching before you see it...


Making nature sculpture - have you got any play dough at home? Can you make a model...

Happy Tuesday!

Today we have music and PE.

Why don't you play a game with someone at home or make up a new game with instructions that we could play at Nature School..?

In the afternoon we are learning about drawing from nature.  Have a look around your house or your outdoor space - can you find 10 things that are natural - from nature.  Can you make a collection to draw...

Think about the shape and texture.  Examine your object closely and draw what you see (use the tips sheet to learn how to draw more carefully). Try again if you're not happy with your first go...

Let me know how you're getting on...

Mrs Connon


Art: have a look through these slides to help you think about your drawing

Happy Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

I hope you are all doing well, at school we are sorting out the classroom and just trying to keep cool!

Here are some end of year activities that you might like to do...

Tomorrow at 10:00 we are watching Year 6 perform Aladdin.  Please let me know if you'd like to watch from home and I will send you the code on dojo. 

Best wishes,

Mrs Connon