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week beginning 25th January

Welcome to week 4 of home learning and congratulations on your attendance and effort throughout this week. Please aim to log on by 9.00 and 1.30 as I will have started my lesson teaching after I take the register.

 I have attempted to introduce normality into the school day with early work as the children log on, topic and spelling tests and using the same platforms of Purple Mash and Mymaths as we do in school.

Whole class reading continues with examining a text and finding answers to questions involving inference and evidence from the text and this continues with Neve's wishes our class reader on Purple Mash, Chapters 3 & 4 with a quiz  afterwards. School assemblies are on Monday and Friday mornings, PE and music are now on a Tuesday morning, with art on Friday afternoons.

If at all possible, ensure your child has a glue stick to glue sheets into their remote learning book and they are at a table and able to concentrate without distractions....difficult I can appreciate with younger siblings around. Finally, you may find we do not have many sheets left in our resource booklet....I tried to plan for 3-4 weeks out of school- so if you cannot print out the sheets just use the web page as a text book and work from that in your Remote learning book. Glue any new sheets into your book and always remember to write the date, title of the work and write neatly as these books will be coming back to school when we return.