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Year 3

Year 3 Class Timetable

Year 3 Visit to Leeds Castle

We spent a fantastic day at Leeds castle.

After visiting the castle itself, we traveled by boat

across the lake, explored the adventure playground

and left enough time to enjoy an ice cream before returning

to school! 


Class Mass

Father Victor visited year 3 to lead our class Mass.

The children sang and shared readings and prayers.

Thank you to Father Victor and to family members who 

were able to attend.

Drumming Workshop

As part of a week of events to celebrate and learn about

the differing cultures which make up our school community,

year 3 took part in a drumming workshop.

They learned how to create different sounds and rhythms, using djembe drums.


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I wonder whether our taller classmates jump

further distances than our shorter ones?

This was the question posed for our comparative investigation,

during our learning in science this afternoon.

We used the measurement skills developed in maths,

to measure heights and distances jumped, accurately in cm and m,

using tape measures and metre sticks.

Brazilian Samba!

 A visiting dance teacher, led a fantastic

workshop and taught the class a sequence 

of moves to perform a Samba routine.

Here are year 3, performing their finished dance to the school.

Well done, everyone! no


Brazilian Samba!

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Our Class 'Pet'!

A surprise parcel arrived for the class...

Here we are, getting acquainted with our

pet sloth, Sparky!

Year 3 have created some inventive and informative science posters!

They enjoyed sharing what they had found out and celebrating their hard work.


Poos from the Past!

During science week, year 3 had some serious business (ahem!)  to attend to!

The children became paleontologists and worked in teams to excavate

and search a fossil of a human poo to find clues which would help

them to identify which period of history it belonged to.


Each team demonstrated superb exploring skills.

Lots of fun and giggles were had, along the way!


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Year 3 Class Liturgy


Thank you to friends and family who

were able to attend our class liturgy.

The children enjoyed sharing it with you!


Last week we began reading our new

class text 'Cloud Tea Monkeys'. 

We took part in a tea tasting workshop and

enjoyed tasting a range of varieties,

including: Assam, Earl Grey and Masala Chai...

Ukulele Fun!

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Tenemos Muchos Animales!

We have been learning the names of animals in Spanish.

Here we are, testing each other in pairs and practicing

our pronunciation!

Muy bien, year 3!




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During our computing learning, we 

programmed Beebots, using direction vocabulary.

In teams, we tested our algorithms

and corrected (debugged) them! 

Ukulele Magic!



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There was a special surprise for Raphael... 

He was delighted to play Mrs Father's ukulele,

which happened to be decorated with a picture of

his most favourite super hero: Spiderman!

Going For Gold!

Year 3 enjoyed the visit from British Olympic sprinter, Dina Asher-Smith.

They listened carefully and were inspired by her determination, discipline and commitment to achieve her best.



I get by with a little help from my friends...!

We couldn't resist capturing these members of the class,

supporting each other during their maths learning.

We love to see learners encouraging and helping each other!


World Faiths Week: Judaism

During our RE learning this week, we have been

developing our understanding of the Jewish faith.

We learned a song called: Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem,(May peace

come to all of you) which is often performed on the Sabbath.

Here are year 3 performing the song in a

mixture of Hebrew and English words...


IMG_1192 jewish song.MOV

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Stained Glass Windows

We learned about important symbols for Jewish people and

used these to design windows for a synagogue.


Year 3 Rock!

We had a lot of fun, comparing and grouping common

rocks, during our science learning.

The children took part in the 'Hard Rock Challenge' and

worked in teams to describe the properties of the rocks.


Friction Fun!

Year 3 worked together in groups, to investigate and  compare

the effect of different surfaces, on the motion of a toy car.

Click on the links below,

to find a maths game which will

help you to learn your number facts!

It's raining, it's pouring...


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Prehistoric Pots

We used our learning about life

during Stone Age times,to design

and make pots, using clay. 


Year 3 are working hard by reading regularly at home.

This week's reading stars have read 4/5 times this week and

remembered to bring their reading record each day.

Well done!

Ukelele Magic!

We are making excellent progress with our ukelele playing.

Here we are performing a song while marching!


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Year 3 started off their afternoon,

with a whole class 'Fitter Future' workout.

A new scheme, to continue to support the promotion and development of healthy lifestyle choices.

This week, our class target is for each class member to try to log on at home and complete one workout!

Well done, year 3!



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Do you want to find out more about the FITTER FUTURE scheme?

Click on the Web Link:

no  Year 3 Home Reading Stars! no

Congratulations to our class home reading stars this week, for

remembering your reading book and reading record, each day

and for reading 4/5 times this week.

A huge thank you to your families for supporting you!


Scrapyard Challenge

During our science learning about forces and magnets, year 3

worked in small groups to separate magnetic and non-magnetic 

materials.  They used magnets and sieves and there were a few surprises!

Reading Crazy!

Our reading corner in year 3, is looking fun and colourful, now 

that the children's wacky reading photos have been added.

We have had a lot of fun, sharing them.

Many thanks to parents and carers for supporting the children 

with these.



Ukelele Magic!

This week, year three enjoyed their first ukelele

lesson.  We learned about the different parts of

the instrument, how to strum and hold it.

Year 3 School Council Representatives

Congratulations to James and Joyce who have been chosen

by the class, to represent year 3 , at our school council

meetings, this year.

They look forward to introducing themselves to Mr Tariq,

at their first meeting very soon.

All Aboard!

The year 2 pupils visited their new classroom and

learned a song, which was all about the new

and exciting learning they have to look forward to!



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