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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4’s page! Our teacher is Miss Sullivan and our teaching assistants are Mrs Anderson and Mrs Norris frown We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been up to in class!

Year 4 trip to Crofton Roman Villa!

Year 4 enjoyed their last swimming lesson! They celebrated afterwards with a trip to McDonalds 🍔 🍟

We have made huge progress with our understanding of series circuits. Today, we made a human series circuit on the playground to investigate the effect of switches on the flow of electricity!

Enjoying our Roman art in the sun!

Our ice lolly treat for our excellent behaviour in and around school recently!

Investigating the particles in solids, liquids and gases :-D

Our Class Liturgy ‘Giving and Receiving’.

Our classification keys! In Science, our topic is 'Living things and their habitats'. We made a human classification key then designed our own keys in groups, focusing on key characteristics that separate living things.

Year 4 completed some Rainforest art to end their book 'The Tin Forest'!

We researched our local Parish of Holy Innocents' in RE and presented the information to the class. We also gave copies of the posters to Deacon Barry to display in the church!

We interviewed Sister Esther as part of our RE topic on 'Community'. We were interested to find out her role in the Parish community and how she was called to become a nun.

Playing BOOM spelling game! Miss Sullivan learnt this game when she visited Warren Road school and taught us. It is a great way to practice our spellings whilst having fun!

Our last Anglo-Saxon lesson, learning how Christianity was spread in England. We worked in groups to represent the different Saints who tried to introduce the faith during the Anglo-Saxon period.

Christmas Production 2018! Gold, Frankincense and Mirth!

‘Follow me’, the hymn from our assembly. Thank you to Mr Langford for playing :-) !

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Our informative assembly on St Andrew, patron Saint of Scotland.

Investigating sound vibrations in the classroom. What happens when you bang a drum? What happens when you tap a balloon? What happens to vibrations in liquid?

Zoo Lab! Year 4 learnt about the effects of bullying through these interesting creatures!

Year 4 trip to The National Gallery! Wednesday 21st November 2018.

Ivie’s fantastic Autumn rap! Supported by beatboxing Aaron!

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Our Cues-Ed session on catching thoughts and sorting them into helpful and unhelpful thoughts.

We created the stomach using a sandwich bag and added orange juice for stomach acid, water for saliva, and tore our food up to see what happens during digestion. We learnt that the liquids helped to break our food down and make them soggy, therefore, easier to digest.

We welcomed new teachers into our class to teach us column subtraction! Introducing Bella, Sammy and Raphael!

The children collected leaves and made leaf animals for our display on Autumn! They have also written some creative poems to go alongside their art.

Look who got caught reading!

We had our first proper Cues-Ed session today with Debbie and Karen. We learnt about the different parts of the brain and how we can keep our brains healthy by eating well, resting, having regular exercise and 10-11 hours sleep every night.

Today we designed and created Anglo-Saxon brooches!

Guided Reading - Beowulf. The children worked in pairs to find the meanings of key words in the text.

The class showed Miss Sullivan and Mrs Anderson their coding skills using Purple Mash Free Gibbon!

Getting creative for our board display in the main hall! We are day 7 from the creation story - all was made and God rested.

Encouraging the use of concrete and pictorial help in our Maths lessons on place value

Enjoying our first Golden Time of Year 4!