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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Your Year 5 teachers are:   Mrs Morris

                                         Mrs Anderson

                                     Miss Hollands ( Monday)

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

On behalf of Mrs Anderson and myself I would like to thank you all, for the way in which you prepared your children for coming back to school. They walked in confidently with smiles on their faces on Wednesday, which continued for the rest of the short week.

Routines in school and class are being followed extremely well, with hand washing and sanitising being our main priorities and we can now go forwards with our learning. At present we are encouraging reading at least 4 times during the week with an adult signature each time in their reading logs, to show you are also aware or sharing with your child what they have read. Any text at any time, school book or not, reading for understanding and fun is the main thing.

As a staff we are looking at ways to set homework to minimise the back and forth of paper so please bear with us. However on a Friday your child may return with a slip of paper of Year 3-4 HFW we have looked at which they are still struggling with, please encourage them to write them out and find tricks to remember them.

P.E days are Tuesday and Friday, as I stated on class dojo, so please wear only P.E kit on those days to school.

Finally, I am available on class dojo and will respond when time allows, but please be aware I also have a family and home commitments so have set quiet hours after 6pm on week days and at the weekend. Please try to respect those family times I have set.

I look forward to an amazing year with your children and getting to know them as well as you, let's work as a team for year 5!