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Welcome to Year 6!


Year Six Retreat to Aylesford

In science we have been looking at classification keys. BWe decided to go outside and classify members of our class

The Lion King

Friday 29th June 2018

The end of another successful school journey to Wick Court Farm.

What an amazing week! The children were absolutely brilliant although I’m sure they’ll be exhausted tonight. I know the staff will.

Congratulations to all our Year Six pupils and a huge thank you to all the staff who came this year and gave up their time to make it such a special week. Thanks to Miss Weeks, Miss Kavanagh, Mrs Lake, Mrs Bull and Miss Spooner!

Thanks also to all the staff at Wick Court, Heather, Farmer John, Farmer Dave, Farmer Tim and Mel. Also a huge thanks to the house keeping staff and all those who prepared the wonderful meals.

I’m sure that many happy memories have been made that will last for many years to come. 

Thursday 28th June 2018

Our last day here at Wick Court Farm. What an amazing week it has been - although exhausting too!

The children have all been amazing and are a credit to you all.

We said farewell to Mrs Bull this afternoon and Eniola also left us around 5pm

The weather is cooler today and  a fun afternoon in the woodlands building dens and listening to a travelling storyteller.

Tomorrow, we have an early breakfast and should be on the road shortly after 9am which means with good traffic, we might be back at school around 1am. I’ll let the school know and a message will be sent out.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!!


Wednesday 27th June 2018

Another beautiful day here in Gloucestershire. Slightly cooler this morning with a nice breeze coming off the River Severn. Very warm again this afternoon with temperature reaching the high 20’s. Everyone is still having a lovely time but starting to look forward to seeing you all again. 

Thank you for all the letters, cards and even parcels which have been arriving by the sackful. Today will be the last day for sending letters as we will be departing before the post arrives on Friday morning.


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Tuesday 26th June 2018

Another glorious day here at the farm. Perfect weather for playing out and having fun. Quite hot if you have animals to feed and gardening jobs to do! The life of a farmer is a hard one.

Everyone is doing well but we are very sad to be saying farewell to Miss Kavanagh and Mrs Lake who have been absolutely fantastic this week. We really appreciate that they have given up their weekend to spend time with us here at Wick Court and we wish them a safe journey back to London. Thank you from all of us XXXX.


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Monday 25th June 2018

Very hot today! Everyone had a good night’s sleep last night but today’s weather is really hot! We’re all drinking lots of fluids and taking frequent rests to keep cool.

Last night was great fun and we had some impromptu entertainment from the children just before bedtime.

Today is Shannon’s birthday and we were presented with another lovely birthday cake from the staff here. It’s a good job we’re working hard to burn off all those calories....


A great day had by all at the Berlkley Country Show this afternoon. It was very hot and sunny but everyone had a great time.

Dionne also had a fantastic birthday with flowers from home. A card from everyone here and a super big birthday cake made by the staff at Wick Court! Happy Birthday Dionne.....

Sunday 24th June - Day 3

Another sunny day here at Wick Court Farm. Yesterday, temperatures soared! We all had a very nice day out on the farm but it was hard work in the heat!

After dinner, Fr. Bill Watson, the local Priest came and celebrated Mass for us. It was such a lovely evening, we had Mass outdoors in the courtyard.

Everyone is doing well and today we are visiting the Berkeley Country Show where we will be taking part by showing animals from Wick Court Farm. More photos to follow.

Having a great time and enjoying every moment of glorious sunshine!

Day Two - Saturday 23rd June

A very early start this morning! The children were obviously very excited and raring to go.....

We had a great first day yesterday. The weather has been amazing so far and this morning, everyone was busy applying the sun-block!

The first job started at 7.30am with Group 2 & 3 out doing jobs on the farm. Group 1 stayed behind to get things ready for breakfast and do a bit of housework. They’ll be well trained when they get back.

Thanks to all those parents who have managed to send a letter (or parcel) already. I gave them out last night and it really made the children feel happy. If you haven’t already, please do try and send a few words in a letter or card as it really does help!

As you can see from the photo, our coach yesterday was the official England team coach and it was amazing. Such a comfortable journey.

Today we have a busy day and will be visited later by Fr. Bill, the local Priest to celebrate Mass for us. I’ll be adding photos and news as the day goes on. Everyone sends their love to all those back at home and school. Bye for now......

Day one at the farm


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Friday 22nd June - Day 1


Hello Parents and friends. We have arrived safely at Wick Court. The journey was really smooth and we actually arrived at 1.45pm.

The weather here is absolutely amazing. We did our fire drill, unpacked our cases and have been exploring the house and grounds. Everyone is in very good spirits!!

We’ve just had dinner, Jacket Potatoes, cheese, beans, coleslaw and salad. This was followed by delicious fruit tarts. Everyone seems to have very healthy appetites. 

More farm work to follow this evening! Here are some photos - more to follow as long as the wi-if holds out!!

Our stars of the week!

Stars of the week!

Our stars of the week!

Our trip to see The Lion King

Our stars of the week

End of Term Awards

Stars of the week

Skip to be Fit!

Our Primary Maths Challenge Winners!

Some of our Volcano Artwork in the style of Margaret Godfrey

Stars of the week and Star Writer - well done!

Science Week - Escape the Ice!

Our year six fayre!

Star Writer this week!

World Book Day

Our Coast Models 

We have been learning about different coastal features and their formation.  The children made a model of a coast line and wrote an explanation text explaining the coastal formation.

These are photos of the creation process!  The children did a great job!

Stage One - Make a structure out of newspaper and cardboard boxes and tubes

Stage Two - Cover the structure in Modroc.

Stage Three - Painting our models

Our finished coast models

Stars of the week and Star Writer - Well Done!

Stars of the week and Star Writer - Well Done!

Stage Four- Fit the lighthouses with a light

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Our Class Liturgy

Safer Internet Day. The children performed 3 drama sketches about how to stay safe online

Stars of the week and Star writer

Crystal Palace Diving Talent