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Autumn Term


It was lovely to see the children returning to school on Thursday. They settled into their new Year 1 classroom so well and have been amazing at adapting to a new way of working at tables. We are very proud of them. 

We would also like to welcome two new members to our class, Elliot and Saoirse. 

Cooking with Mrs Southon

Each week this term, a group of children are making biscuits on Friday afternoon with Mrs Southon. This is one of our enrichment activities in our Enrichment Passport. 

The children are having great fun learning to read and follow a recipe and how to weigh out the ingredients and the biscuits are delicious!

23rd September - today's cooks!

30th September 2022

Friday 7th October 2022

24.11.22 History Toy Workshop

The children were visited by 'Thomas the Toy Maker'. Thomas brought in many old toys for the children to see and play with. Every child played with one of the toys.

Thomas taught the children about toys that were played with in the past, what materials they were made from and how they worked. He also taught the children how to tell if a toy was old or new. 

Year 1 had such a great time, they were enthralled for an hour and a half! Afterwards they were able to recall lots of the information they learned.

Here are just some of the photos of the toys and the children playing with them.

Cooking chapattis with Miss Kavanagh

As part of our Enrichment Passport activities the children have been making chapattis. They have measured out the ingredients, mixed them together and then rolled out the dough. Miss Kavanagh has then cooked them in the frying pan. 

Here are some of the chapatti making photos.

Design and Technology- Puppets

This term we have been designing and making puppets. This links to our learning of Toys in History. Our theme was Little Red Riding Hood and the children chose a character from the tale that they wished to create.

Firstly, they tried out different ways of joining materials and then chose their preferred method (either gluing or pinning) to incorporate in their design. They designed their character, thinking about the features of their chosen character. After that, they pinned a template to their two pieces of material and cut around it.

Later, they joined the materials together and then decorated their puppet. Finally, they evaluated their finished puppet. 

Here are their finished products. We are very proud of their accomplishments.