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Autumn Term

Year 1 Class Assembly

On Friday 3rd November the children presented their class assembly about fireworks.

The children retold and acted out the story of Guy Fawkes. They performed a poem about being a firework and wrote and performed their own acrostic poem, titled FIREWORK. They showed their great firework paintings and their fantastic homemade rockets and sparklers. They sang a song called 'Bonfire Night' and read out firework safety rules and showed safety posters.  

The children did so well performing their first class assembly. We are so proud of them.

08.11.23 History Toy Workshop

The children were visited by 'Lizzie the Toy Maker'. Lizzie brought in many old toys for the children to see and play with. Every child played with one of the toys.

Lizzie taught the children about toys that were played with in the past, what materials they were made from and how they worked. She also taught the children how to tell if a toy was old or new. 

Year 1 had such a great time, they were enthralled for an hour and a half! Afterwards they were able to recall lots of the information they learned.

Here are just some of the photos of the toys and the children playing with them.