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Healthy Eating

At Holy Innocents' we are committed to encouraging all our pupils to eat a healthy balanced diet and lead healthy lifestyles.


We are very proud of the large uptake of pupils who choose to have a school meal every day. Our school cook and her team produce fresh, delicious meals daily. Our caterers, Harrison, ensure that that all school meals are nutritionally balanced, giving our pupils everything they need to be healthy.


Pupils who bring a packed lunch are encouraged to bring food that is also nutritionally balanced. We discourage pupils from bringing in crisps, sweets and sugary drinks.


At playtime, pupils in Key Stage 1 and EYFS are provided with free fruit or vegetable snacks and in Key Stage 2, pupils may bring in a healthy snack.


Pupils are encourage to drink plenty of water throughout the day and may bring a water bottle into class with them.


Fresh milk is available for those who want it on a daily basis.