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Home learning 10.01.22

Owl babies

Our focus story for the next few weeks is Owl babies. If you don't have a copy of this story you can watch the animated video here. Read and watch the story many times so your child becomes familiar with it.

Maths- Home learning videos

All about owls video

Shadow puppets


Cut out the shadow puppets from owl babies. Watch what happens when you shine a torch on the puppet.

Introduce the word shadow.


Key questions- What is a shadow? How do you think it is made?


Watch what happens when I make a hole in my puppet using a hole punch.


Key questions- What has changed? Can you explain what has happened?


Experiment with your torch and shadow puppets.


Key questions- What do you notice? Can you change the size of your shadow?

Nature Brushes


Process art. The whole idea behind this activity is to get your child to explore the different patterns that can be made using the nature brushes. There is no final picture we are aiming for, it's all about exploring and talking about what your child notices.

Nature brushes

Owl leaf pictures

Nocturnal Animals

Share the ppt about nocturnal and diurnal animals, then try the sorting activity below. Perhaps you could try drawing or painting a nocturnal or diurnal animal?