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Our school is a Catholic Academy Trust School, part of the Bromley Catholic Schools Umbrella Trust. The Trustees are the Catholic Diocese of Southwark.


Religious Education is an essential part of the curriculum.  It is developed by learning about our Catholic faith and religious experience, in lessons taught by experienced and committed teachers. Spiritual development is fostered through the Christian ethos in the school, by collective prayer and hymn singing in assemblies and by taking an active part in the Liturgy both in our Parish Church and within the school.


Religious education also actively promotes the values of truth, justice, respect for all and care of the environment. 


It places specific emphasis on:


  • Pupils valuing themselves and others
  • The role of family and the community  in religious belief and activities
  • The celebration of diversity in society through understanding similarities and differences
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Religious Education

Religious Education is about engaging with the deepest questions of life and finding reasons for the hope which is within them.

In our delivery of RE through 'Come and See', we want to provide children with compelling learning experiences which demand a more active and engaging approach to learning where children solve something, investigate reasons for things rather than be the mere recipients of knowledge.


Come and See....

'and spend the rest of the day with Him'


The 'Come and See' programme offers us the opportunity to search, to explore, to discover and to respond; this is part of what it is to be human.

In RE the children are invited to 'come and see' the wonder of all that is within them and beyond them.


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