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1) Start learning the model text - we will draw a text map next week

2) Write a conversation between the characters in the pictures focusing on using the dialogue to show what characters are like. 



"James, why are you late AGAIN?" yelled the teacher as she marked him late in the register again.
"I am sorry, Miss," James said with a grin on his face, "Just...there was a dog you see, stuck up a tree... and I just had to rescue it..."

"Enough with your lies! Sit down!"


Through this dialogue we learn that James is always late for school and always lying about it. We have written this in dialogue rather than narrative as part of 'show not tell' the reader.


1) Go through part two of the ppt for this day and complete activities

2) Learn how to divide fractions to find decimal equivalents

3) Complete the TWINKL work for your Maths group

4) Complete the classroom secrets work for your Maths group


1) Go through the ppt and learn about erosion and deposition

2) Watch the video links on the ppt

3) Complete the 1,2 or 3 star worksheet