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Hedgehog Room - Autumn Term 1

Week 1: The children have all really settled in well, especially the children that have joined us this September. To continue to help the children settle in our topic this term is "All about me" to help us and the children to get to know each other.

The children used mirrors to look at their reflections and make pictures of their own faces. They talked with their friends about all of the similarities and differences they could see. The children will be making hand prints and self-portraits that can be seen on our lovely welcome board in the preschool. 

We did some messy play and the children painted their hands to print on their pictures. 

Week 2: This week we will talk about people that are important to us, our own families, and how all families can be different. 



The children will be doing some marble painting they used colours they thought they could spot outside to show that it was Autumn.

Week 3: This week we will talk about emotions, the children used circle faces and foam faces to express the emotions they are feeling.


Week 4: This week the children will talk about the season Autumn and what changes they might see in the world around them. 

The children will start to explore using scissors this week we talk about scissor safety and how they should always ask and adult before using them.

We will be reading the book 'We're going on a bear hunt' together and all joining in with the sounds. 

We will be going on a nature hunt outside the preschool in our outside play area, the children are going to show us what great little explorers they are. 

Week 5: This week we will go on our own Bear hunt in the beautiful Holy Innocents grounds, along the we will collect lots of interesting things that could give us clues that Autumn is here.


We will hopefully find the trim trail and have good fun playing on it. 


The children are going to make rice crispy cakes to take home as treats.

Week 6: This week we will be looking forward to having a special visit from a dentist, she will be bringing Denny the Dragon and showing us all how we should be brushing our teeth. 

In this weeks music lesson we will be using musical instruments in our music lesson with Mrs Walter.

We will hopefully be still enjoying the lovely Autumn weather and will be making the most of the outside play area.

The children will be enjoying water play while the weather is still mild.

Children will be exploring Diwali The Hindu Festival of Light, we will talk about the story Rama and Sita, the Hindu culture and what the celebration means. The children will make Diwali lamps from clay and coloured Rangoli Patterns.