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Welcome to the preschool class page

For further information about our preschool, and details on how to register a child or arrange a visit please follow the link below:

Welcome to Holy Innocents Preschool, we have two rooms, firstly in Squirrel Room, we have Ms Eldridge (Preschool Manager) with preschool assistant Mrs Patel and in Hedgehog Room we have Mrs Gregory (Preschool Assistant Manager) and preschool assistants Mrs Sharvell and Miss Powell. 

We believe it is important that you, the children's parents and Carers have the opportunity to see what they do when they are in preschool. This is just a small part of all of the exciting things we do, we try to update it weekly throughout the term we think you will enjoy sharing the journey with us and the children.

Squirrel Room

Hedgehog Room

Autumn Term 1 - Topic "All About Me" and the season Autumn.

This term our topic is "All about me", children learning about themselves is a fundamental part of childhood development, they will explore what makes them the same and what makes them different from others. We will also be looking at the Autumn season as exploring the changes to the world around us.

Autumn Term 2 -This term our topic is "Festivals and Celebrations". The children will be talking about Diwali, Fireworks and how to stay safe, Remembrance Day, Hannuka and of course the exciting start of Advent and lead up to Christmas we have lots of fun things to look forward to with the Nativity, Christmas jumper day and the Christmas party, but we will also be talking about the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. 

Spring Term 1 - This term our topic is Space and Winter. The children will be talking about Day and Night, The Solar System, planets and of course our planet Earth. The will explore the stars and the moon and look at Astronauts and how they travel into space. We will also explore Chinese New Year and how and why it is celebrated. 


Spring Term 2: This term we will be exploring the outside world and looking for mini beasts in our preschool gardens and around the school grounds. They will learn and compare the living environments, of many mini beasts and how to recognise them in the great outdoors. The children’s understanding of the world will be amplified as they take the journey through the different life stages of living things. They will learn about different life cycles and transitions in the lives of the various living things that they will be looking at in this term.

Summer Term 1: Animals and where we might see them and Transport

This term the children will be learning about different animals and where they might see them, the farm, Pets, Jungle/Zoo and Under the Sea. 

We will also be exploring different forms of transport.

Summer Term 2: People Who Help Us and Keeping Heathy

This term the children will be looking at 'People Who Help us', they will explore how they can help us, uniforms and their vehicles.   

We will also be exploring keeping healthy and fit which keeps in theme with our school sports day.