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Welcome to Holy Innocents Preschool, our names are Ms Eldridge (Preschool Manager) and Mrs Gregory (Preschool Assistant Manager) and our amazing preschool assistants are Mrs Patel and Mrs Selmani.

We believe it is important that you, the children's parents and Carers have the opportunity to see what they do when they are in preschool. This is just a small part of all of the exciting things we do, we try to update it weekly throughout the term we think you will enjoy sharing the journey with us and the children.

Autumn Term 1 - Topic "All About Me" and the season Autumn.

This term our topic is "All about me", children learning about themselves is a fundamental part of childhood development, they will explore what makes them the same and what makes them different from others. We will also be looking at the Autumn season as exploring the changes to the world around us.

Week 1: The children have all really settled in well, especially the children that have joined us this September. To continue to help the children settle in our topic this term is "All about me" to help us and the children to get to know each other.

The children used mirrors to look at their reflections and make pictures of their own faces. They talked with their friends about all of the similarities and differences they could see. The children will be making hand prints and self-portraits that can be seen on our lovely welcome board in the preschool. 

Week 2: This week we have talked about people that are important to us, our own families, and how all families can be different.

Week 3: This week we have talked about emotions, the children used circle faces and foam faces to express the emotions they were feeling.