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Hedgehog Room - Autumn Term 2

Week 1: This week we will talk about fireworks and how we can keep safe. The children will make their own rockets using junk modeling, sparklers, and firework pictures with splatter paints which will be great fun.

The children used all of the wonderful things they collected from their nature hunt to make sun catchers.

We have been looking at sorting as our maths topic this week, with three different activities sorting, colours, size, shapes and pairs.

Week 2: This week we have been talking about Armistice Day, we talked about the soldiers being real life superheroes and how brave they were and are and that some of them are now in heaven.
The children liked that we wear a poppy to remember them.

This can be a tricky subject to discuss with the children, so to make sure what we teach them is age appropriate we read them a lovely book by Beth and Karl Eastham called A Day To Remember. It’s a great go to if the children ask any questions at home.

The children painted their own poppy field pictures

Week 3: This week we have been talking about and celebrating with some of our children the Hindu Festival of Light, Diwali, this supports the children’s development and understanding the world by talking about different cultures and the stories and beliefs behind the the the celebrations.

The children molded Diya lamps from clay and added patterns by using different objects in the preschool.

Once they were dry the children painted the Diya lamps in beautiful bright colours and added glitter sparkles

We created beautiful Rangoli patterns.

The children threaded some Diwali garlands.

Week 4: This week is road safety week and teaching children about road safety is really important, it's a life skill they need from an early age and which they will build upon as they grow up.
In preschool this week we are talking about, always waiting for and holding hands with an adult before crossing a road, how not to cross in between two parked vehicles, and what a pedestrian and zebra crossing is and how we use them, and always make sure we use "Stop, Look and Listen".
The children have shown a really mature attitude towards this topic, having a good understanding of how important road safety is.

The children used the junk modelling and materials of their choice to make vehicles they will see on the road

Week 5: This week we will be looking at St Andrew and how it is celebrated in Scotland. We will also be looking at the changes we are starting to see in the world around us as the season changes from Autumn to Winter.