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Hedgehog Room - Spring Term 1

Spring Term 1: Night/Day/Space and the Solar System/Chinese New Year

Week 1: This week we explore day and night and what we may see in the world around us at these times. 

Week 2: This week we are exploring space and the solar system looking at the planets, their order, size, and what colours they are. 


Week 3: This week we will be looking at space travel, and exploring rockets, spaceships and the International space Station.


The children made rockets from what they could find in the junk modelling area.

The children used 2D shapes to make their own rockets.

The children completed number sequencing puzzle to make rockets and astronauts.

Week 4:This week we have been exploring the moon and stars, we will be making our own telescopes to look at the stars.

Using different materials to create moon and stars pictures.

The children practised their threading skills to make star constellation pictures

Week 5: This week we will be looking at time and exploring days, weeks and months.

Week 6: This week the children will be learning about the Chinese (Lunar) New year. This year is the year of the Dragon.

We will be reading the legend of NIAN the story behind why it is celebrated and how it came that each year is represented by an animal in the Zodiac Story; The Great Race.

The Story of the Chinese Zodiac. As the new year approaches, each animal wants it to be named after them, but no one can agree. The Jade Emperor decides there should be a race to decide the winner, but who will win?

2024 is the Year of the Dragon so the children resourced materials from our Arts & Crafts area to make our own dragon to put on display in the preschool.

We will be decorating the home corner and wearing traditional clothing.

We will be making and decorating the lions head for the traditional lion dance.

The children made their own Chinese lanterns.

We had a great time when Squirrel Class joined us for a Chinese New Year Celebration, the children ate noodles with chopsticks and had lots of fun.