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Hedgehog Room - Summer Term 1

Week 1: This week the children explored wild/Jungle animals, we talked about why we would sometimes see these animals in Zoo's or in Nature Parks.

All of the children made this beautiful picture of giraffes in the trees eating leaves, they all painted their own giraffe by drawing around their arm and hands.

The children enjoyed making lions from paper plates and square pieces of paper that they cut themselves.

Week 2: This we looked at what animals we might keep as pets and how we can look after them.

We made dogs, cats, fish in tanks and parrots to sell in our preschool Pet Shop.

The children really enjoyed playing an animal memory pairs game.

The preschool pet shop was open for business and lots of pets, pet food, pet beds all being brought and sold. I think Nemo the fish was sold for £2000, so I think we have some little entrepreneurs in the making.

Week 3: This week we will be looking at Farms and Farm animals and will be enjoying a visit to preschool from Rocky Animals Farm.

The Preschool Farm Shop is selling all different types of healthy fruit and vegetables, the children have been exploring how the farmers grow these on their farms.

We have had live eggs in school and the children was lucky enough to see some of them hatch. We watched them dry and turn into beautiful fluffy yellow chicks.

The children were great this activity and was able to match the animal parent to their baby.

Rocky Animal Farm visit the preschool.

This weekend is the will be the coronation of King Charles III and we will be celebrating in preschool with our own street (Playground) party.

Week 4: Under The Sea

Week 5: Transport - Buses Planes and Trains

The children enjoyed a visit to Holy Innocents Church today. On the walk there we talked about how to be safe near roads, the children told us how they must always be with an adult and hold hands when crossing a road.

The children enjoyed exploring the church, and did excellent listening when Deacon Barry Chalkley explained to them all about the things they could see and hear.

The children enjoyed trying the church organ.

As always the children made us so unbelievably proud, they displayed impeccable behaviour on our visit to the church. Where ever we go, adults within the school and outside always compliment our children on how friendly, well behaved and respectful they are.