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Picture 1 Rosie's walk around the farmyard, pursued by the hungry but clumsy fox, has become a beacon in the world of children's picture books, an ever-popular classic which generations have enjoyed. Children love the humour of this near-wordless story. One disaster after another befalls the poor fox while Rosie goes on her way, supremely unaware of the danger behind her.
Picture 2 Shhh! You are about to enter a giant's castle. Can you get through the book without waking up the enormous scary giant? What will you do if he wakes up? Why shut the book of course! Shhh! is based loosely on Jack and the Beanstalk and physically involves the child in narrative and adventure. Lift-up flaps cleverly offer reassurance to the intruder until they reach the final pages.
Picture 1 Handa decides to take seven pieces of delicious fruit to her friend, Akeyo, who lives in the neighbouring village. But as Akeyo wonders, I wonder what fruit Akeyo will like best?, a series of sneaky animals steal something from Handa's basket, which she's carrying on her head... When Handa reaches Akeyo, will she have anything left to offer her friend?
Picture 2 One day Mr Gumpy decides to take a trip along the river in his boat. But the children, the rabbit, the cat, the pig and lots more friends decide to join him. Everyone's having a lovely time until the animals start kicking, bleating, hopping and flapping and the boat starts to rock. What will happen...?
Picture 1 Sid has six owners, lives in six houses and has six dinners a day. Life is just about purrfect . . .
Picture 2 When three baby owls awake one night to find their mother gone, they can't help but wonder where she is. Stunning illustrations capture the owls as they worry about their mother: What is she doing? When will she be back?
Picture 1 When a mischievous Compsognathus steals a duckbill egg and pops it into the nest of a Tyrannosaurus, he causes all sorts of trouble. The duckbill dinosaur looks nothing like his brothers and has no desire to behave like them. And as far as they are concerned, he is a complete Drip.
Picture 2 Hermit crab is looking for a home and finds one in an empty shell. Blob and Brush join him and the friends enjoy a happy life until they all grow bigger and need more room! A beautiful story for sharing and touching to seek out the sparkles.
Picture 1 There are so many noises all around us, so why not see how many you can catch and put in a bag? Make yourself a ding-dong bag just like the one in this story. And when it’s full to bursting, open it up and let them all out again.
Picture 2 Lots of cats all around the world do exciting things like fly aeroplanes or play the violin - but my cat, an ordinary round-the-house cat, likes to hide in boxes.
Picture 1 Jessica and Tim spend hours playing on their big blue sofa having wonderful adventures. They turn it into a submarine, a hot air balloon, a taxi, a hospital bed and more. You too can see and feel how special this sofa is and be just as worried when it is replaced …
Picture 2 A boy and a Martian are both stranded on the moon and at a loss for how to get back to their respective planets. Together they hatch a plan that will get their aeroplane and spaceship up and running again.

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