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Squirrel Room - Autumn Term 1

Week One

Welcome  to our new term here in squirrel class. This term we are going to explore all about me we will discuss that we are all different from our colour hair to our colour eyes.

Children this week had the chance to enjoy the sunshine and welcome our new friends here in squirrel class.

Week Two

This week children are exploring their homes and their families, we talked about some homes have lots of windows and no gardens and some homes have stairs to their homes.

Children liked to share information on their families and talk about if they have brothers or sisters or some of the children talked about being a twin. 

We used the outside area to create houses using our big wooden bricks and our bricks.

Week Three

Children got to explore there likes and dislikes, we also discussed what is special to me and I can. Here we are exploring how we use scissors to create snips in the tubes and boxes which helps us with our fine motor skills.



Week Four

This week in preschool we are exploring our 5 senses, We took the children on a listening walk around the playground.

Children got to use their eyes for seeing their ears for listening and we also got to use our noses to explore the lavender that grows in our play area. 

Children had lots of fun using their listening ears to the noises around them.

Also this week children got a visit from Dr Mac our Dentist your children would of come home with a little gift bag from herself. She talked to the children the importance of looking after our teeth.

Week Five

Children are learning about British Values and what it means to us. We talked about and used the word we respect each other we are kind to each other and most important we all love each other.

Week Six

This week we have started to explore Autumn and the meaning of Autumn but we have had a little heat wave this week so not so much Autumn weather.

We will be exploring Autumn the first week back after half term so hopefully children will get to explore the falling of the leaves and crunching through the leaves.

We have explores so much this week creating hedgehogs with forks, to creating our own stickman, we even meet with our Hedgehog class to go on a Autumn walk.

We finished the week off with creating Autumn wands and pumpkins.

Happy half term.



Creating Hedgehogs with Forks

Autumn Walk with Hedgehog Class


Pumpkins and Autumn Wands