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Squirrel Room - Autumn Term 2

Welcome back to a fun filled term this Autumn term 2, we are going to be exploring Autumn and fireworks in week one.

Thank you to all the children whom took part in collecting Autumn leaf's and cones with your Autumn bags we had so much fun exploring and talking about  colours and how the leaves crunch as we hold them in our hands.

We had so much fun exploring fireworks children took part in exploring how to create fireworks using flicker paints and tubes to create colours. We also talked about the safety around fireworks and how to handle sparklers safely we do not touch fireworks and we must always stay with our adults.

With Harvest before the end of term we created some pumpkins using orange and yellow tissue paper.

WE created lots of leaf catchers using the leaf's and sticks we found on our Autumn walk and we explored what patterns create using conkers.

We created firework patterns using gross motor skills in the garden area and coloured chalks. We also explored flicker fireworks.

Play ground fireworks

Week two was all about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. WE got to explore different ways to create poppy's from making red playdough to creating Poppies in tissue paper. We also got to create hand Poppies for our wonderful display in the school entrance.

We have started a new way we offer snack in squirrel class this is to help promote children's speech and language development. Children are encouraged to explore new fruits and vegetables and talk to their peers at snack time. Children are also taking part in washing their own plates which they really seem to enjoy.


Week Three:

Happy Diwali we shared this special festival with Mrs Patel and some of our families here in squirrel class. Mrs Patel very kindly brought in her Diwali decorations to share with us and we created our own Diva Lamps she shared books about lots of lights and my first Diwali and we also shared the story of Rama and Sita and it gave the children the understanding of why they light candles on this special occasion.

Also this week children took part in creating a heart and exploring what kindness means to us here in squirrels, we also took part in odd sock day and created our own odd socks for Anti bullying.

Odd Socks Anti bullying

Rangoli 2D shapes

Week four: This week we took part in Road safety and we explored the importance of how we stop, look and listen crossing the road.  Children created large traffic lights and we went to the playground where we played our traffic lights game, red ,meaning stop, orange was run on the spot and green was run.

Children also got to create their own traffic light biscuits i hope they enjoyed them at home.

Tissue light traffic lights

Week Five,

This week we are exploring all about the winter season and St Andrews Day. We talked about the changes we see on our way to school from the leaves no longer being on the trees to what it would feel like if it was to snow. 

Children enjoyed lots of ways to create pictures and explore fake snow using flour to mark make and create snowman.


Selecting our winter coats

Winter Pictures

Literacy Mark Making Glitter Sand

Maths Creating snow drops 1-5

Week Six: This week we are exploring Christmas and the meaning of Christmas. The children acted out their Nativity which went amazing and thank you to all the parents whom come to celebrate this with the children.


Christmas Jumper Day 2023

Santa Scissor Control