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Squirrel Room - Spring Term 1

Week One

This week children are exploring light and dark. Children explored and talked about what we do in the morning and what we do at night time, sometimes our actions are the same as what we do in the morning as too what we do at night time., like brushing our teeth. We explored the story owl babies and children got to create their own owl babies using malable material and feathers and using gross movement and cotton wool created their own owlets. 

Mallable Owls

Cotton Owls

Pencil Control Planets

Week Two

This week children have started to explore Space and planets, we have been sharing our planet song called 8 planets of the solar system to help us name the planets. Children have a good understanding of where we live and they all like Mars as its Red and very Hot.

Children all joint together to create their Solar system using paper tissue and large and small circles, we started to talk about how we would get to space.


Painting Planets

Creating our Solar system

Week Three, This week we are exploring rockets and taking off into space. We have explored counting backwards from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 blast off. Children have also got to retell the story of whatever next creating their own rocket using a box and creating our own helmets. We also created our own rockets which can be blasted off into space.

Creating binoculars

Week four: This week we are exploring the moon and stars we talked about the moon being different shapes and how we can sometimes see the moon in the morning.

Children were able to create moons out of mallable material and created a star wand.

Moon and Stars

Star Wands

Week Five, this week children have been exploring the days of the week and we have taught the children a song to help them remember the sequence of the days.

We also talked a little bit about how a clock helps us tell the time to the day  for example we have lunch time when the clock hands are on number 12 and we have our bell to help us understand the sequence to our day. 

Creating watches

Week six: This week we are celebrating Chinese New year for some of our families this is a special time for them. One of our families shared this with me and i would like to share with you all the meaning of this special celebration.

Chinese New year is the longest and most important festival in China. It is also know as the 'Spring Festival'- a holiday celebrating the beginning of a new year, every year starts from the spring, hence we call it Spring Festival.

The year of the Dragon