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Squirrel Room - Spring Term 1

Welcome to squirrel class. 

Week 1:

This week we are welcoming our new friends and families to Holy Innocents Preschool we explored playing in and around the setting and exploring new adventures.

Week 2:

This week we explored day and night and we explored the makaton sign for day time and night time. we explored lots of exciting books around owls like the Owl Babies and The owl who was frightened of the dark. The children also took part in creating telescopes to help them see the stars off a night time.



This week we explored Space and the planets we would see if we where able to travel into space. We shared lots of mallable material to create rockets and we created a large rocket out of a box just like our story whatever next by Jill Murphy.

We also joint our hedgehog class in exploring how we would move and jump and balance whilst in space.

Week 4:

 This week we celebrate Chinese New year and Lunar New Year we decorated our role play area with red decorations as red is the colour that brings us Luck and we got to explore how to eat noodles using chop sticks with Hedgehog class. We also got the chance to explore the traditional  lion dance in our PE session.

Week 5:

We took part in exploring the stars this week and we discovered that a star can be seen every where in the world.

 Children took part in exploring the shape of a star they may be big they may be small and if we use a microscope we are able to see right up into space.

Children really enjoyed creating there own stars and creating their own planets in space.


Week 6:

This week we explored traditional stories we looked at where The 3 little pigs where we went and explored our playground and we found a house made of sticks so we shared our story in the house of sticks.

We also joint Hedgehog class on going on a bear hunt we went over the river and through the mud which went squelch squelch squelch, we had our snack in the forest where we got to share yummy cake for one of our friends birthdays.

We explored Goldilocks and the 3 bears story and we acted out the story using our storysack and porridge.