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Squirrel Room - Spring Term 2

Welcome back to Spring Term 2 this term we will be exploring Minibeasts and the lifecycle of a butterfly and The Lifecycle of frogs and we will be celebrating Easter.

Week one we started to explore Ladybirds, worms and other mini beasts, we enjoyed creating ladybirds using paper plates and we explored how many spots a ladybird has matching on their backs.

We also got to explore St David's Day we painted our own daffodils.

Week Two:

This week the children got to explore all about Bees and snails and we got to join Hedgehog class to go on a mini beast hunt. We also got to try Honey sandwiches, which were yummy.

The children enjoyed exploring and seeking out the minibeast in the garden and exploring the mud to see if we could find any of those wiggly worms. In our music class we are exploring Minibeast songs which are lots of fun.

We also got to share world book day.

World Book Day 2023

Week Three:

We got to explore the life cycle of a butterfly, we read the Hungary caterpillar and we got to create Caterpillars using egg cartons and we explored creating caterpillars using our fingers to create their bodies.

The children were given the chance to cut and create fruit Butterfly's.

Week Four:

This week we explored the life cycle of a plant and we celebrated our Mummy's, Mums, granny's and Nanny's by decorating and planting a sunflower to watch it grow. We talked about how plants are living creatures and we need to give them sunlight and water to let them grow.

We also shared some books on Seeds, A seed in need by Sam Godwin and The Tiny Seed by Eric Carie.

Week Five: This week we are exploring the life cycle of a frog, we explore how they turn from Frog spawn into frogs. Children have explored lots of ways to create frogs this week from using egg cartons to create a frog to using paper plates to create frog faces. We have also explored using frogs and lily pads to explore numbers 1-5. 

On Thursday we took a trip to the school pond where we were lucky to find frog spawn and tadpoles. We have explored some new books this week like Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field, we have also explored Good Night Frog by Amber Lily and the last book we have explored is The frog who lost his Croak by Toni William.

Week six: Wow what a amazing week we have had this week we have had lots of fun exploring Easter craft and today we had our Easter Bonnet Parade, Thank you to Hedgehog class for a great party.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and a restful Holiday.