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Squirrel Room - Summer Term 1

Week One:

Welcome back hope you all had a restful Easter. This term we will be exploring Animals and Transport, this week we settled in our new children and welcome to our new families here at Holy Innocents Preschool.

We are very lucky to have experienced the hatching of some baby chicks.

This term we will also. be looking after our new flowers we have planted in our garden. 

Week Two Pets: 

Children explored different pets this week from Dogs and Cats to what it would be like to look after lizards. Some of the children sent pictures in off their pets and shared there favourite thing about their pet.

We created a paw prints using chalk and jumped to how many numbers we rolled on the dice.

Week Three Farm:

This week children are exploring Farm animals we are lucky to be having a visit from Rocky Farm Animals on Thursday the 4th May where children will get to explore and pet the different farm animals.

We created a small world Farm out of Mallable material

On Thursday we had a visit from Rocky Animals the children got to explore new creatures and feed them as well.

Week Four:

This week children have been exploring under the sea and on Wednesday we had a pirate day where we dressed as pirates for the day.

Children have got to explore lots of different books like the Rainbow fish were children were able to create Rainbow fish of their choice, children also got to create their own fish tanks which gave the children to explore how many fish they can fit into their tank.

We have also explored this week a octopus which has eight legs and three hearts and we discovered that some octopus are bigger then a two storey house.


Week Five:

This week children have been exploring transport Bus, Cars and trains, we created some trains using different 2D shapes and talked about our experiences on the train. Children also got the chance to create boats using mallable material and took part in a floating and sinking activity.

On Tuesday Afternoon children got to visit Holy Innocents church we got to explore and find out the importance of the church and how it can help us.


Floating and Sinking Activity

Holy Innocents Church Visit

Week Six:

This week we are exploring Aeroplanes, Hot air balloons, children created Hot Air balloons using paper plates and finger painted patterns using our fingers. We watched a Hot Air balloon race and we saw that they are very colourful and can come in different shapes and sizes.

We created aeroplanes using tubes and coloured lolly pop sticks and had lots of fun flying them around preschool.