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Squirrel Room - Summer Term 2

Welcome back to summer term two.

This term we are going to be exploring people who help us so to kick our first week back we got to explore Doctors nurses and Paramedics.

ON Friday we had a Visit from two of our parents whom work within the NHS the children had so much fun exploring my heartbeat and exploring what it would be like to work as a nurse.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Jimenez for sharing this with us.

Preschool visit from Mr and Mrs Jimenez

The children also got to explore what our bones look like if we were to have a X ray.

Week two we explored healthy eating and we got to take part in school sports day on the Friday 16th June, the children all had fun taking part and cheering one another on.

Children were able to create their own potato heads using carrots, green beans and cucumber. 

Week Three, Children got to explore the role of a postal worker. We explored creating our own stamps and the children got to write there own letter to send home to their families. The children enjoyed walking to the post box to post their letters.

We explored 2D shapes this week and we created red letter boxes and children had to match the correct shape to box.

The post box Walk

Week four children got to learn about the role of a police officer, we created badges which children were able to mark make and copy the letters of their name.

We also had a special visitor and their dog to come in and speak to us about the role a police dog plays in policing.

Police officer Mark and his Police Dog Sully

creating our finger prints

Week Five people who help us was about fire fighters, we had a visit from our local firefighters, this inspired the children to create their own fire engine using a large box and put out fires around preschool.

Week Six:

Children got to explore the outside area and create memories with their  peers before they move onto their new journey.